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September 11, 2020
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Your Lush, Tropical Caribbean Cruise

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For many people, a cruise is the ultimate example of a luxurious vacation, with a week or two spent enjoying comfortable accommodations, sun, and sand. While onboard your Caribbean cruise ship, you will enjoy the luxury and service that is comparable to a five-star hotel. Even if your state room is a bit small, sleeping is all you will find time to do in it, because activities and recreation are abounding on these modern day resorts on the water.

Caribbean Destinations

One of the best things about cruising is that you pack and unpack one time in order to visit a potpourri of stunning destinations that each offers their own variety of adventure and relaxation under the sun.

When you book your Caribbean cruise, you will need to choose between itineraries in the western, eastern or southern islands. Each route will offer a variety of scenery and cultures, and each port of call will provide the opportunity to experience different activities and sights. Every itinerary will undoubtedly include a few islands that you are familiar with, and a few others that will be new for you to explore.

The cruise ships will dock at a variety of ports throughout the length of your Caribbean cruise. This allows you to disembark so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the various Caribbean cultures. The first thing you'll see surrounding the ports on most islands is the teeming marketplace, where you can buy gifts for the poor unfortunates left back home. But don't forget the food! The flavor of the island cuisine is one of the major reasons for cruising the Caribbean. Depending on what itinerary you have chosen, your port of call may include a day of port side adventures such as scuba diving or wind surfing.

You can also opt to spend some of your time on the ship itself, where you will be entertained with numerous activities and fine cuisine.

Use a Travel Agent to Book your Cruise

Nearly every cruise line will offer trips to the Caribbean, and many will be fairly similar in the ports of call that they stop at and the types of activities that will be available. You can choose a Caribbean cruise based on the recommendation of a friend, or on your own desire to explore a particular cruise line for yourself.

The preferred method for booking a Caribbean cruise, especially if you are a first time cruiser, is through a travel agency. In this way you have all the information on all the cruises at your fingertips and you can easily balance which ports you want to visit with which activities you want to enjoy. There are cruises for people who just want to soak up the sun, and cruises for people who want take jungle expeditions, romantic cruises and family cruises. You just have to decide.

This professional service will not only be able to make all of your arrangements for you, they will also have advice on what to pack and how to prepare for your journey.

Tips to Make Your Cruise More Affordable

Cruises to the Caribbean are more affordable than ever before. But those who have been on cruises before will tell you that finding a low price on the ticket is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some pitfalls to avoid and prevent an affordable cruise to the Caribbean from turning into money drain.

Party Moderately: A cruise ship has plenty of amenities for you to enjoy, from well-stocked bars to theaters and casinos for you to have fun at. But the use of some of these amenities can quickly add to the cost of your trip. In particular, buying a few drinks can add up quickly, because they are charged to your cabin rather than have you pay for it at the time. To keep your Caribbean cruise affordable, start by limiting how much alcohol you drink on your trip.

The casino is another place where you need to watch your cash. You'll have to pay with real money there, but it's easy to get caught up in the fun of gambling. Keep costs down by budgeting for the casino before your trip and spending a set amount each day. Stretch that budget further by playing the less expensive tables, and you'll enjoy your gambling money for a longer time.

Be Independent off the Ship: Your cruise will include several stops at beautiful port locations in the Caribbean. However, these stops can be temptations to spend. Your cruise company will probably offer sightseeing tours and other activities, but they may not be included in the price of the cruise. Make sure that off-ship activities are included, or research your destinations beforehand and arrange your own personal sightseeing.

Save In the Gift Shop: Another amenity on the cruise ship that may seem tempting is the gift shop, where clothing, jewelry, and other items can be purchased to remind you of your trip. However, you will get a better deal at the markets at your ports of call, and your dollars will support the local economy rather than the cruise line. Wait until the last day of the cruise to shop at the gift shop, since items are likely to be discounted then.

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than to spend a few days sailing through the islands of the Caribbean on a luxurious cruise liner. Whichever cruise line and vacation package you pick, you're sure to have a vacation in paradise.


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