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September 28, 2020
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Lady Gaga The Talented

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Lady Gaga is an American singer with a fashion sense to match her great voice. Her dazzling stage performances have earned her a huge fan following. Over eight million copies of her albums and thirty five million copies of her singles have been sold worldwide.

She was recognized by the famous singer "Akon" when she sung a reference vocal for one of his tracks. She worked with Redone in the studio on her debut album, which produced super hit singles which raised her to fame. Gaga soon went to Los Angeles to complete her debut Album "The Fame", where she merged a lot of genres to create an entirely new type of music.

Lady Gaga's first album "The Fame" was a super hit and sold over 8 million copies all over the world. Lady Gaga's own personal experiences fill the songs as they portray a rich and famous person's life. She says that the album is about "how anyone can feel famous like a celebrity".

Having won a Grammy for best electronic/Dance album at the 52nd Grammy awards, the debut album's success is unquestionable. It stood at the top spot in the UK and Canada charts and also in the Billboard top electronic albums chart. It reached the number 2 spot on the billboard 200.

"The Fame" featured the lead single "Just Dance" which reached the top position in the billboard hot 100 after spending nearly five months just staying in the hot 100. It is the second best selling digital song of all time and has a Grammy nomination in best dance category to its achievements.

Poker face is the other hit single which achieved great success, attaining the top spot in the charts of US, UK and so many other countries. It won the Grammy award for best dance recording category and received Grammy nominations in various categories.

To promote the album, Gaga went on "The Fame Tour" which was highly applauded by fans. The onstage theatrics and Gaga's fashionable costumes added to her voice to make a great environment for the audience.

The second album depicts the other side of the coin of Fame. "The Fame Monster" where the monster refers to the evils of fame, is packed with her experiences as she toured the world as a celebrity following her successful debut.

Gaga's second album features the super hit single "Bad Romance" which Gaga states is about loving your best friend. It stood at number 2 on the billboard top 100 chart. However it reached the summit on the UK singles chart.

"The Monster Ball tour" to promote her latest album is her recent venture. The 2010 Tour is planned to put up a show like never before and is totally planned to be different from the 2009 tour. It is going to be a show that you definitely do not want to miss. Book your Lady Gaga tickets now. Check tour venues and select the nearest one and get your Lady Gaga tix as soon as you can.


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