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June 25, 2020
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Vegas Club Photos - A Great Collecting Hobby

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Clubbing or partying has become a very popular hobby. People just want to forget about everything and enjoy life at times. Vegas is a well known hot spot. Taking photos while in a Vegas club allows you to relive the moment by simply glancing at the photo.

Vegas club photos capture the moment for a life time. Vegas has so many clubs it is hard to decide which to visit. Each club has something different to offer. Various clubs offer different types of music, people and atmosphere.

Scores in Las Vegas is probably the most popular and expensive club in Vegas. If you can afford to party here then be prepared to run into a celebrity or two while inside. Scores has been mentioned on television numerous times and on numerous channels such as VH1, G4TV, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, MTV, and Howard TV. Scores is located only one place away from the infamous Vegas Strip. Photos inside would be an awesome addition to your Vegas Club Photo collection. Scores offers fine dining, cocktails, sports viewing, private parties, and hundred of gorgeous international showgirls. Scores offer 25,000 feet of entertainment all day everyday.

Scores also offers everything from stage shows, sky bar, late night dancing and even breathe taking aerial acts. Scores really is the first and last choice for entertainment in Las Vegas. If you're lucky you might even go home with a photo of you posing with a celebrity. These types of Vegas club photos are always good for showing off to your buddies.

Another Vegas club photo opportunity is at the Downtown Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The Downtown Las Vegas Hotel and Casino offers more than 400 clean comfortable affordable rooms and suites. They also offer numerous special events everything from showgirls to concerts to comedians. The casino offers slots, video machines, blackjack, 3 card poker, Texas hold 'em and much more. They also offer a wide variety of foods and drinks from a number of various vendors. This is as very suitable location to take some photos.

Studio 54 is another extremely popular nightclub. Photos take while partying here are definitely worthy of joining your Vegas club photo collection. The club is 22,000 square foot and consists of four dance floors. The new Studio 54 is a wilder version of the legendary '70s club. Features include wall walkers, video, lighting and live dancers. There is also an invitation only area on the second floor. Semi-private lounges are available which can accommodate up to 400 people.

This is another celebrity hot spot so be sure to have your camera close by. Studio 54 also uses various special effects such as moving arbors, concentrated air blasts and confetti cannons. Be warned Studio 54 can be a ridiculously expensive club to visit. Studio 54 also has a dress code. Visitors must wear club wear. No baggy pants, shorts, tennis shoes or boots. Who wouldn't want to look good in their photos anyway?

Another Vegas party spot is the Playboy Club. The club is located on the 52nd floor of the Fantasy Tower. The original Playboy club was opened in 1960. The Playboy Club is a revival of the original Playboy club that defined an era twenty years ago. The club offers the finest Italian restaurants anywhere. Visitors can enjoy the lounge of the gaming or both. The Bunnies are the dealers. The bunnies now wear an updated Roberto Cavalli-designed costume.

The Coyote Ugly club is an ultra popular club that starred in its own movie. The club operates from 6 pm to 3 am. Cover charge after 9 pm is only ten dollars. Coyote Ugly is known for its passion, sensual smiles and southern style. The hot female bartenders will dazzle you with their cool artistic pouring techniques. A Coyote Ugly photo will fit perfectly into your Vegas Club Photos.

Why would anyone want Vegas club photos? Not only does a picture store memories for an eternity but you can do many things with them. For example, you could brag to your friends about your clubbing experiences in Vegas and the photos only make it that much better. It is also a good way to recommend a club or Las Vegas to someone planning a vacation.

The Vegas club photos make it more convincing. You could also create a scrap book of your clubbing. Maybe send them to friends and family. How about using them for club reviews on the internet? Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you took photos along the way.


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