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July 10, 2020
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An Effective Way To Attract New Patrons In Any Casino

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Any casino that is looking to expand its patron base should consider starting a regular comedy night. This can be the perfect way to get new patrons to come in and to add value to regular patrons' experiences.

As an added plus, the comedy night isn't an expensive production. Generally it is inexpensive, especially compared to other shows with a much larger production budget.

You can book a two-person ninety-minute show, with regional comedians who have headlining experience, fairly reasonably. You don't have to go for the very expensive nationally known comedians. Comedians who have made their name on tours, or in clubs and resorts, can really put together a great show and make your comedy night a success.

It will require a bit of promotion, and word of mouth doesn't hurt either, but with just a little effort you can turn comedy night into a regular draw that is very popular. You will likely even bring in new patrons in the 25-55 age set.

Once you have new patrons coming in the door, you're doing much better. The patrons who come through the door will want to check out all of the amenities and options, including restaurants, bars, and gaming tables.

Plus, patrons who would normally be coming in for gaming find comedy shows to be a nice break. A comedy show is a 90 minute intermission when they can laugh and relax. Then they can return to the gaming tables refreshed.

Especially in the Midwest, casino comedy nights are becoming very popular. Throughout the Midwest, you can find casinos that are in areas that don't' have comedy clubs. By going to a casino for comedy night, people can see shows they would otherwise miss and get to experience some big city style entertainment.

To ensure success for your comedy night, book your talent through an experienced and reputable booking agency that has experience in booking casino comedy nights. You want to make sure they are familiar with your region also, and the travel issues and audience tastes in this area.


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