Raffle - provides $25 value food or craft item or gift certificate for food, overnight stays, souvenirs, and other related items

*LVHCC reserves the right to limit the number of Gold and Platinum Sponsorships we offer.  Donors are accepted on a “first come, first served” basis.

Kula (Gold) - donates $1000 or equivalent in services

Club Corporate Sponsor Program

  The Club's Corporate sponsor program is broken out into two parts: Annual sponsors and

  event sponsors.  

  •   Annual Sponsors are single business or entities sponsoring the LVHCC as an organization

       through funding support, portions of our efforts (e.g., newsletter, scholarships).

  •   Event Sponsors provide one-time support to the Club for a specific event (e.g., our annual

​        Pacific Islander Festival & Ho’olau’le’a). 

  Sponsorship includes benefits for the Sponsors ranging from free advertising in the LVHCC

  NewsBlast and WikiFlash information updates, placing the sponsor logo on the LVHCC website

  sponsor page, as well as free posting, Sponsor logo in the in development Club Newsletter,

  and even a sponsor banner put up during during sponsored LVHCC events.

​Contact the Club to see how you can become a sponsor!



See the 2020 Ho'olaule'a Tab above for the complete Sponsorship layout

Oi Loa (Platinum) - donates $2500 or equivalent in services

Kala (Silver) - donates $500 or equivalent in services

Special Discounts (Optional) to LVHCC Members & raffle prizes donated are greatly appreciated!

​​Club Corporate Sponsors

​​​​​Club 2021 Ho'olaule'a Sponsors*