ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS – Memberships run annually from the day of payment


Regular (Individual or Family) Membership (Lala Miki)

Any adult (18) or older of good standing in his/her community may apply for membership.  Annual membership cost per Individual is $25Family is $35 (2 Adults & 2 Children in the same household; additional children are $15 each) and provides voting privilege at Membership Meetings and receipt of NewsBlasts and WikiFlash information updates.

Charter Membership (Palapla Ho’ohui)

Annual membership at $10 available to individuals who were members at the Club's creation in 1989.  Charter members do not pay annual membership fees unless they want voting privilege at Membership Meetings.  All Charter Members receive NewsBlasts & WikiFlash information updates.

Corporate Membership

Annual corporate membership at $50 is available to any registered corporation, private business, non-profit, or government entity that supports the goals of the LVHCC.  Cost is for a single business or entity and does not provide voting privilege; but does provide receipt of NewsBlasts and WikiFlash information updates.

Club Supporters (Hui Kako’o)

Individuals who donate a minimum of $20.00 per year to the Club; non-voting privilege and does not provide membership status.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors are single business or entities sponsoring the LVHCC or portions of our efforts (e.g., annual Pacific Islander Festival & Ho’olau’le’a).   

Sponsor attributes encompass funding starting at $250 and higher or resource discounts for infrastructure aspects.  Sponsorship provides free advertising in the LVHCC NewsBlast and WikiFlash information updates, placing the sponsor logo on the LVHCC website sponsor page as well as free posting of the sponsor banner during sponsored LVHCC events.

*All membership applications and payments must be completed and submitted to the Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club through postal "snail" mail at the below address.

A printable membership application can be found by clicking the "Download" image above.  Once completed, please submit the application with payment to the address below or on the membership applicaiton.

Payment for all types of memberships must be included with the applications and received by the Club before membership can be processed.  Payments can occur via Check or Money Order payable to Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club.

Mail completed applications & payments to:

    Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club

    PO Box 97891
    Las Vegas, NV 89193-7891


Email any questions on Membership to or call (702) 907-3667