​​What is the festival about?  Celebrating the Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Culture.  Everyone is welcome free of charge to a variety of cultural food and entertainment!

When is the festival?  September 9th and 10th, 2017.  Saturday 10am-8pm.  Sunday 10am-6pm.

Where is the festival going to be held?  Downtown Henderson Convention Center.  Address:  200 South Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015.

I'm an interested vendor.  What should I do?  Complete the application forms posted on the Ho'olaule'a page and send to the LVHCC.  Your business will be considered and notified if accepted or not.  If accepted, you will be sent an email with an agreement letter and link to pay the necessary fees online.

Do I have to pay vendor fees online?  Yes.  We no longer accept fees via regular mail.  Everything is handled online.

What day and time will vendors be able to setup? Friday, September 8 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM; Saturday, September 9, 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM.

What is the layout of the festival area?  We have both indoor and outdoor vendor spots available.  Outdoor spots are on the Henderson Convention Center plaza; indoor spots are inside of the Convention Center itself.

Is there a Festival admission charge for the general public?  No.  It is entirely FREE!

Where are the public parking areas for the festival?  Normal (free) street parking is available and there are other locations around the Convention Center as well (some require a fee).  LVHCC is planning to have vendor designated parkings will have designated parking--more to follow on this aspect.

What kinds of entertainment will there be?  We will have two stages of entertainment:  a mobile stage which is situated in front of our large dining tent, and the other is the main amphitheater stage to the right of the mobile stage.  We will have a schedule of times during the day that each entertainer will be performing.

I'm an entertainer and interesting in performing.  How can I get more information?  Send us an email at as soon as possible.  Many of the entertainment spots have filled up.

What kind of workshops will be available this year?  Inside the Convention Center there will be several Na Mea (cultural) workshops, various demonstrations of Hawaiian crafts, and presentations.

Will there be a raffle drawing?  Do I have to be present to win?  Yes.  We will have our usual raffle drawing with tickets $1 each.  Winners must pick up their prizes within 2 hours.  We are currently making arrangements so that winners can possibly be notified via cell phones.

Will there be any alcohol sales?  Yes.  This year LoveLady Brewery will be providing beer sales.

What kinds of food will be available?  A diverse culture of Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino food.

What is the Keiki Area?  An area that the children can enjoy themselves with activities and cultural games for a small nominal fee.  There may also be some vendors who specialize in children's items as well.

Will there be a live animal petting zoo?  Yes; a great attraction that we have for the kids every year.  

Will there be a car show?  How do I participate?  We plan to have the car show; more information forthcoming, but it doesn’t hurt to send an email that you’re interested.

Will an ATM be available? Yes, we will have 2 ATM machines available.

Will there be drones / unmanned aircraft?  We are reaching out to identify if this will be occurring this year; stay tuned for more information.

Will there be contests?  Can I participate?  Yes and most definitely.  This year we will be having a Spam Musubi eating Contest and, after the showing of the Disney movie "Moana" there will be a Moana lookalike contest for the Keikis.

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