Date Organized:                       July 1, 1989 
 Date Chartered by AOHCC:  July 28, 1989
 Club Pua (Flower):                 Carnation and Ohai Ali'i
 Club Colors:                             Red and Gold
 Club Motto (Hawaiian):          Kulia E Loa'a Ka Na'auao
 Club Motto (English):             Strive to obtain wisdom

Dorinda PuaNani Burnet

2020 Pelekikena


To promote and perpetuate the traditional values and cultural expertise of Native Hawaiians.
To promote educational projects for the benefit of any race (but with primary emphasis on the people of Hawaiian Ancestry or Hawai'i born) and to assist in furthering

    education with the aid of scholarships.

To unite members into one harmonious group, working to promote the principles of good government.
To take an active interest in the civic, economic, social, health and moral welfare of the community and the people of Hawaiian ancestry.
To provide a forum for the free discussion of issues in the public interest and programs beneficial to the Hawaiian community.
To perpetuate the traditions, mele (songs) and chants (oli), culture, customs, and Hawaiian language of Hawai'i and to encourage their use.

            Pelekikena 'Elele Waha 'Ole

              Aloha mai Kakou ame Hau’oli Makahiki Hou,

                                                        As 2020 begins, we at LVHCC are looking forward to a fun filled year of activities. We start the year with 2 new club officers and some

                                                        changes in the board with some folks moving up to new positions and others returning. 
                                                        This year LVHCC will be celebrating our 31st year of existence. That says a lot because Las Vegas is known as a very transient city.    

                                                        We have had our good years and challenging years but through it all, WE SURVIVED!  Now we are looking forward to being more

                                                        visible in our community.  

                                                        The Club has expanded it's interaction with Asian American Pacific Islander organizations to continue progress on developing a

                                                        community center for the native Hawaiian, and Hawaiian at heart, population of Las Vegas.  We've also brought several resolutions to

                                                        the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs last November that included our support for a specific Native Hawaiian Census block to check

                                                        to ensure our Lahui is properly counted and resources are dedicated for their welfare and benefit.

                                                        We invite you to become a member and be active in all activities we have planned for 2020.  These include fundraisers, continuation of

                                                        our Na Mea Hawai'i series, and strengthening our links to not just our Hawaiian 'Ohana here in Las Vegas but related organizations to

                                                        strengthen our links together. 

                      Imua kakou a me Kulia e loa'a ka na'auao 
                    Let us proceed forward as we strive to obtain and preserve the wisdom, culture and traditions of our heritage

                            Please welcome and congratulate our newly elected Officers and Board of Directors 2020-2021:

                                                                                       Hope Pelekikena Mua 1st Vice President: Doreen Hall

                                                             Hope Pelekikena 'Elua 2nd Vice President: Nate Makaiwi (Term ends December 2020)

                                                                                                     Pu'uku Treasurer: Nicole-Rene Petri

                                                                                Papa Ho’oholo Director: Maggie Perry (elected August 2019)

                                                                          Papa Ho'oholo Director: Debra Chock (Elected in February 2020)

                                                  Mainland Council & Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Koho Mua Representative: Gail Wright

                                                                                             Returning Officers and Board Members:

                                                                 Pelekikena President: Dorinda Puanani Burnet (2nd term, ends December 2020)

                                                              Kakau 'Olelo Ho'opa'a Secretary: Patrick Filbert (2nd term, ends December 2020)

                                                                           Papa Ho’oholo Director: Lee Burnet (term ends December 2020)

                                                                         Pelekikena Iho Nei Immediate Past President: Tieri Pa'ahana Bissen

               We also extend a sincere Mahalo nui loa to our out-going 2018-19 Officers & Board Members for their leadership & kokua


                                                                               Hope Pelekikena 'Elua 2nd Vice President: Larry Gove

                                                                                                Pu'uku Treasurer: Charlene Gove

                                                                                      Papa Ho’oholo Board Member: Nate Makaiwi

                                                                                     Papa Ho’oholo Board Member: Joseph Serrao

                                  Mainland Council & Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Koho Mua Representative: Tieri Pa'ahana Bissen

Significant events in 2019

     2019 saw us holding our annual business Aha’aina event to bring local Pacific Islander businesses and organizations together, hosting the

     Mainland Council of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs’ 1st quarter meeting in February, and expanded ties with Nevada Congressional  

​     representatives while interacting with Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations to continue work to realize a community

     center.  Club Board Members also provided testimony to the Las Vegas City Council on a number of AAPI efforts and awarded college

     scholarships to two very deserving High School students.

     We conducted a free ‘Ohana Day potluck at Sunset Park in August, welcomed Fall with a Chili Bento fundraiser, and supported a Moana

     movie in the park at the Henderson Pavilion.  We created a Makahiki display for the 3rd year in a row at the Las Vegas Museum of Natural

     History and decorated a tree for the Boyd Gaming annual “Trees of Hope” fundraiser—and won 3rd Place!  We closed out the year with our

     annual Kalikimaka Buffet where we honored five local Hawaiians of influence and had vendor booths at crafts fairs and at Na Hula Hali’a

     Aloha​ Cultural Preservations’ annual Kalikimaka event. 

                                                                                                Me kealoha pumehana,